Intravenous Therapies

IV Therapy Pricing

(Available THURSDAYS only by appointment)

Acute Immunity IV ($250/500mL)

Reserved for those battling an acute viral illness.  This IV contains the maximum amount of Vitamin C allowable before lab testing is required. This IV is further bolstered with Lysine to inhibit viral replication. Zinc and Magnesium for immune support, B vitamins, and B12 for energy. This IV takes 60 minutes to drip.

Replenish & Rehydrate IV ($240/ 500mL, $340/1000mL)

Dehydration is a common ailment in the desert. This IV provides the body with needed hydration directly into your veins. It comes with added minerals, magnesium, and B vitamins for energy added into a 500mL/ 1000mL lactated ringer’s bag. Which size is best is dependent on the body’s size and the severity of symptoms.

Ozone Therapy ($250/250cc $320/500cc)

Ozone therapy is a cutting-edge therapy with many potential health benefits. Ozone is simply oxygen- O2- Converted into an active O3 form. When this activated oxygen is introduced into your body, it reacts with cells & tissues, supporting energy by creating lipo-peroxides & potentially helping cells use oxygen more effectively.

Benefits: Increased energy, Less brain fog, Decreased inflammation.

Glutathione (GSH) Detox Bag (Add-on)

Potent antioxidant IV therapy. Pricing is based on the dosage which varies depending upon the intended effect.

  • 600 mg- Gentle Detox $30
  • 800 mg- Moderate Detox $40

Migraine Mender IV ($240/500mL, $340/1000mL)

Well researched and directly formulated for the treatment of an aggressive migraine. Contains a high dosage of Pyridoxine (B5), folic acid, and magnesium which are all independently validated as a treatment for a migraine.

Pregnancy friendly Replenish & Rehydrate IV ($240/500mL, $340/1000mL)

A fetus-friendly IV designed to keep moms-to-be out of the ER when the morning sickness proves to be a bit too much. The exact IV formula is included below to provide to your OB. This IV takes approximately 60-75 minutes.

  • Formula: Ascorbic Acid (Non-Corn) 500mg/mL, B-Complex 1.5 mL, Total Cobalamins (B12) 1mg/mL, Zinc Chloride 10mg/mL 1mL, Folic Acid 10mg/1mL, Magnesium Sulfate 25% 250mg/mL 3mL, Lactated Ringer (LR) 50000.00275 137.5. Total mls: 513; Total mOsms: 183.095; Total Osmolarity: 357.

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